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1 New Zealand Flag

This server is one of a kind, it is mainly factions with a slightly modern twist to it. Come join today, it is a ton of a half of fun, you are missing out right now!

Players: 0/50
2 United States Flag

Welcome to FaithfulMC! Gamemodes: - HCF - Kitmap - Practice PvP - Creative And more to be implemented soon IP: faithfulmc.com Join for an amazing time!

Players: 437/5000
3 United States Flag

Join us for a fun, friendly minecraft experience! We are tightly knit and been around for awhile ;) We currently offer the following; - Modified Factions (Direct IP -> SN.GSNetwork.net) [Raiding, Vampires, Mob Arena, PVP, Envoy, and more!] - Skyblock (Direct IP -> SB.GSNetwork.net) [I

Players: 1/1
4 United Kingdom Flag

The server is focused on intense PvP battles with adventure map and skyblock elements, unseen features and background lore / story. The first ever Minecraft server with two different in-game currencies where your /balance is equal to real money which you will be able to safely withdraw to your Payp

Players: 0/20
5 South Africa Flag

Survival, Hard Survival, Prison, Skyblock Friendly Family server Current Version: 1.12 Please join for the fun of minecraft and meet our community where young and old are welcome to build with a friendly feeling for the love of Minecraft

Players: 1/256
6 United States Flag
Players: 0/70
7 United States Flag

Active server since June 2011! Server IP: crafteemc.com Server Website: http://www.crafteemc.com Craftee Survival Minecraft Server. Running Bukkit. Dedicated server and internet connection. Active group of players Helpful admin Awesome gameplay

Players: 1/30
8 Australia Flag

Hi there, Today I would like to introduce you to our new Factions server "Diamond Point" We are a 24/7 hosted server that provides a fun and exciting experience for everyone! From the novice to the masters! We welcome all types of players! Young and old! We have custom content from Crates Keys to a

Players: 0/12
9 Philippines Flag

Welcome To Pinoy Metro ! We Would Like to invite you to our awesome Philippine Minecraft Server Community ! Here you will experience the true filipino minecraft server. current features are towny/survival. we choose this gamemode its because the faction is too common now a days. So we decided to us

Players: 20/60

Best Flans mod server! Factions. THIS SERVER IS PART OF HORIZONFLANS COMMUNITY AND FIRST OF IT. Other servers: Both Cracked: Lite.horizonflans.net:25572 tdm.horizonflans.net:25573

Players: 4/40
11 United States Flag

IniuriaMC is a brand new survival server. I'm the owner, TenjouKia. This is actually my first time creating a SMP server. I hope yall enjoy it.

Players: 2/30
12 United States Flag

HEXmc is a new Faction PvP Server. JOIN IN, TEAM UP, AND THROW DOWN. Build your ultimate base with your friends, and work together to destroy your enemies and earn the title of the Best Faction On The Server. BuyCraft So you want us to get another plugin? Now you can encourage us to get it! By payi

Players: 0/20
13 United States Flag

Premium IP: PowerFul-MC.Net Cracked IP: Cracked.PowerFul-MC.Net Offline.PowerFul-MC.Net ======================== Welcome! Unleash your excitement into the best server yet! - Our Server has Creative, OP-Prison, Prison, SkyGrid, RankWorld, SkyGrid, SkyBlock, Survival, Factions, Classic SkyBlock, Mini

Players: 0/1000
14 United States Flag

- BUYCRAFT http://playsplashcraft.buycraft.net/ -SERVER WEBSITE https://bossgamer1515.wixsite.com/website -STAFF APPLICATION FORMAT https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y9NHMaDkdsxahNhZg3v4PU9sjKGpPkw0-Ylc4Suzekk/edit?usp=sharing

Players: 1/12
15 United States Flag

Intelyc is one of the most advanced and professional Minecraft server out there, next to our HCF and Prison servers we also have a lot variety of mini games you can choose from. We have a highly trained staff team here to make your experience on Intelyc an unforgettable one.

16 Canada Flag

Ip: ecocitycraft.com Website: https://ecocitycraft.com Shop: https://ecocitycraft.com/shop Discord: https://ecocitycraft.com/discord EcoCityCraft - #1 Best Minecraft Economy Server Forum Bank Link, Real life stocks, Sportsbook, Economy SG, & much more! Use our popular commands upon login: "

Players: 72/1000
17 Romania Flag

Pure-Survival Minecraft ca pa vremuri! Dumnezaule da cine sta sa scrie 100 de caractere aici fara nici un rost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Players: 0/20
18 United Kingdom Flag

Myrescape is a 24/7 faction PvP server with no lag! Rules: [1] Do not use profitabke game modifications, also known as 'hacks' in this server [2] Respect other players [3] No excessive swearing [4] No excessive capitalization [5] Do not question the staff's decisions. Reasonable input is always app

Players: 0/2
19 United States Flag

GrizzlyNetwork - The most competitive factions server. IP: play.grizzlynetwork.com -Weekly FTOP reward! -Custom Plugins!

Players: 201/1000
20 United States Flag

SovereignRP is a survival-roleplay based server, located in California, United States. The survival part of the server offers you and your buddies to create a Faction, claim land, build your empire, then gather your team and fight the dangerous monsters of the night. Survival also has a small twist

Players: 0/100
21 United States Flag

RageRaid [1.8/1.10]-[Raiding/PvP/Factions]-[Custom Plugins]-[Crates]-[Unique] Welcome to RageRaid! We are a 1.8/1.10 HardCore PvP/Raiding Server that is always Up-To-Date and always listening to player feedback. Many of the features you will find on our server are completely unique and based on pla

Players: 1/100
22 United States Flag

Factions Hardcore Raiding! All Griefing, Stealing, Scamming, Etc. Are ALLOWED! Join the fray in a Blaze!

Players: 0/50
23 United States Flag

DO NOT ask for Staff Rank You will be kicked if you ask please apply at website About the Server Hydra-Craft is a Minecraft Server with Custom Enchantments, Factions and PVP What you Need to Know Chests cant be locked There is a Power death ban for 1 minute (if you lose all your power) Custom encha

Players: 1/70
24 United States Flag

Deathlands is an extremely hostile server where mobs spawn frequently and good gear isn't common. Join this server, and fight against players and mobs alike as you ascend in this ultimate revision of Minecraft survival!

Players: 0/12
25 Ukraine Flag

Сервер призначений для людей, які люблять майнкрафт по більшій мірі таким який він є. Для спокійної і врівноваженої гри в якій немає місця халтурі і зайвим плагіна

Players: 0/5