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1 United Kingdom Flag

A custom skyblock server that took FOREVER to develop... This was all created by me kxii and with my knowledge of servers and plugins, we were able to create this server from scratch. Donations are very cheap 2.00 GDP for the highest rank since the server only costs me around a dollar a month. I ca

Players: 0/50
2 United Kingdom Flag

EarthRealm is home to an established community of passionate creative mega builders which has existed for over four years. Our main public server offers a mix of survival and creative game modes in which players have access to an extensive levelling system, economy, aesthetics and more. We regularl

Players: 0/50
3 United States Flag

Faction, mcmmo. essentials huge spawn, kitpvp-other minigame plugins are coming soon aswell! Make sure to check us out on Enjin aswell! factionfactory.enjin.com/

Players: 1/100
4 United States Flag

Hello and welcome to NCK Decals, We are a new community thats looking to get the name out there and also give people a fun and dedicated place to play. We are a group of people that have known each other for awhile and decided to start up a community with team work and reliability. Feel free to hop

Players: 0/1000
5 United States Flag

Age Of PvP takes PvP to a new level. Experience the true PvP experience. Our server is optimized for clean cut PvP where you wont notice any lag. We run adavenced custom plugins to prevent hacking and cheating. We are a mixture of friendly yet competitive players. PvP & Raiding are the main

Players: 0/300
6 United States Flag

Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of Romecraft!!! Are you looking for a server that's fun and exciting? A server that you can go out and explore the world, kill mobs PVP and meet people? Well you found the right place! Join us and we won't let you down! We are a new server so please be patie

Players: 0/250
7 Canada Flag

SERVER IP: oblivion.apexminecraft.com SUB REDDIT: http://www.reddit.com/r/Koterboat/ DYNMAP: Oblivion Forever is an RPG server with Races, Custom items, tons of spells, and a custom world to build, explore, and play on. Create factions and engage in PVP. There are custom

Players: 0/100
8 United States Flag

We are a community of people who share a common goal to make realistic things in minecraft! We are kind of small, but we all love being on the server and building together. We're looking to expand and meet new people, so if you are a good builder, or just want to hang out with people, come by and c

Players: 0/10
9 Hong Kong Flag

Our server is practically vanilla 1.8.3, but it has a minor addition to it in the form of special quiz booths that spit out trivia questions, which you can answer for mats/blocks. This server is basically intended to test our capabilities(server load etc.), and this mod/concept that we're working o

Players: 0/300
10 Argentina Flag

Servidor Survival + SkyBlockOP Modalidades: → Survival + Tienda + Minas + Protecciones + Cajas Misteriosas + Llaves → Parcelas (Survival) → Skyblock + Tienda + PvP + Cajas Misteriosas + Llaves → NUEVO Cajas Misteriosas + WC-Coins + Agua Toxica! → Llave NORMAL gratis al Votar! Construccion

Players: 6/2018

Servidor survival! Warps: Mina, MinaPvP, WarpPvP, Tradeos, Tienda y mucho mas! Entra i disfruta jugando un survival con tus amigos podras hacer pvp i minar! Tambien hay eventos con sorteos de rangos vip objetos op i mas!

Players: 2/200
12 United States Flag

Faction, mcmmo. essentials huge spawn, kitpvp-other minigame plugins are coming soon aswell! Make sure to check us out on Enjin aswell! factionfactory.enjin.com/

Players: 2/100
13 United States Flag

prison server filled with candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 United States Flag

QuantumCraft is an amazing new factions server that consists of amazing plugins and an awesome community! We are in need of staff right now. Come join us if you want to experience the joy and thrill of Classic Factions, the way it should be played.

Players: 0/200
15 Denmark Flag

Velkommen til en dansk prison server, der byder dig på masser af muligheder! Vi har custom coded plugins, der gør at du vil få en ekstra oplevelse, ved at spille her. De tilbyder blandt andet: Et "soul" system, der giver dig fordele alt efter hvor mange souls du har. Quests, hvor du skal dræbe

Players: 0/100
16 United States Flag

We have Factions, Minigames, Paintball, Hunger Games, Zombie Infection, Sky's Prison, Spleef, Mob Arenas, PVP Kit, Fun Land Amusement Park, and Survival Land! Certain games give you the materials you need to build armor, weapons, and other items for the PVP arena and Factions! We need more staffing

17 Canada Flag

IP - play.pyrepvp.com PyrexPvP is a unique Factions server offering an amazing PvP experience. Our server rises above the rest since it has come equipped with these awesome features: - Factions 2.0 - Enhanced combat - A token shop - McMMO - Player heads - Bounties - Spawners - Crates