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United Kingdom Flag

Community Vanilla - Stranded on an island after a very disturbing shipwreck is your destiny to rebuild your life by yourself or with your friends. Here on Community Vanilla we strive to be a 100 Vanilla Server, the whole survival feeling will be there and very rewarding for the player. When you j...

1 Serbia Flag

NightRealm je saljiv / professionalni server ciji je cilj da napravi Minecraft zabavnijim sa njihovim Custom Pluginima i raznim stvarima koje nekad ne mozete ocekivati. Owner server-a je Mcer231, ako trebate nekakvu pomoc pitajte njega. Sve mape servera su napravljene od strane naseg Build Team-a.

Players: 2/40
2 United States Flag

"Peaceful" Survival Server - Silk Touch Spawners, Leveled Mobs, No griefing, No raiding, FREE Daily Rewards, 50 Custom Enchantments, Easy Selling shop, Menu Buy Shop, Randomly Teleport feature, Custom Claim system, Claim Settings to enable PvP in your claim only, Auction House, Quick Crafting, Runs

Players: 152/400