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51 Australia Flag

» JOIN NOW « PLAY.AUSCRAFT.NET Survival | Protections | mcMMO | Creative | Great Community Here’s some handy links » FORUMS » http://auscraft.net TEAMSPEAK » talk.auscraft.net STORE » http://store.auscraft.net We look forward to seeing you, and Happy Crafting!

Players: 8/100
52 Canada Flag

BogNations. A Minecraft Community Platform. Home to an amazing Minecraft community made for everyone! ==================================== Features * Survival * Creative * Economy * Parkour * Minigames * EXCLUSIVE Entertainment and Events * EXCLUSIVE BogRealmsMC Adventures * EXCLUSIVE BogRe

Players: 0/150
53 Spain Flag

Servidor Minecraft actualizado Con Todo Lo Que te puedas Imaginar y mas from creativo del hasta PVP, incluyendo juegos. Podras Disfrutar de La Mejor Experiencia en Minecraft, Y además podras Hablar Con NOSOTROS POR Nuestro a ts (Team Speak) Privado (ts.geomecraft.com). Disfrutaras De Una Gran Vari

Players: 0/20
54 Denmark Flag

Hubmc.dk en dansk Minecraft server Hubmc.dk en dansk Minecraft server, med Creative, Factions, Minigames og Towny. Serveren drives af voksne med fokus på børns sikkerhed og fede oplevelser.

Players: 4/500
55 Australia Flag

Are you looking for the perfect minecraft survival multiplayer server…? Something with an inclusive and close-knit community, events, friendly staff? Look no further. Zerp Australia is an Australian MC server hosted in Sydney. > We’ve got custom terrain: huge mountains, intricate custom

Players: 3/50
56 Netherlands Flag

Welkom bij CarrotNetwork. CarrotNetwork is een hechte community waarin we elkaar helpen met bouwprojecten, onze creativiteit tot leven laten komen en het samen gezellig maken. Je kan met behulp van handel en bouwen schitteren op survival, of je kan je uitleven op onze creative server met je eigen p

Players: 1/18
57 United States Flag

Factions MCMMO Hardcore-PVP Shops Grief Raid Steal Loot Kill

Players: 0/6
58 Netherlands Flag

Serverip: mc.bluetor.ch | Website: www.bluetor.ch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BlueTorch - Home of Amsterdam in Minecraft! Welcome to our new Server Network, we are an international server network. With a professional dutch/english

Players: 0/100
59 United States Flag

The Oasis is a server geared towards a simple, relaxing, worry-free, survival experience! With our simple rules, friendly community, and helpful staff we ensure that you will enjoy spending your time on oasis! We pride ourselves on our close respectful community and relaxed atmosphere! Come build,

Players: 35/100
60 United States Flag

The BuildersUnite network has multiple servers to keep anybody entertained. The servers we currently have are: -Creative -Survival -Skyblock -And more to come! Our creative server is freebuild (no plots) but we utilize multiple grief preventions to protect your builds. We have multiple worlds that

Players: 6/1
61 United Kingdom Flag

We are mainly a PvE focused server with minimum fuss and interferance from staff! We prefer to just let you get on with it. Although when you first join we will check if you require help, assuming a staff member is to hand. We have recently added Skyblock! Survial includes: - TreeAssist - Jobs - Sh

Players: 4/60
62 United States Flag

MOO-CRAFT centres around pvp and legit survival. We have a simple spawn that allows people to easily get to the pvp quickly. We have no borders so you can travel as far out as you want to ensure your base is safe from being raided. No factions either, so raiding is just like vanilla Minecraft raidi

Players: 2/60
63 United States Flag

Hello! Welcome To Imagination Empire! We Are a survival, pvp, towny, economy server. we have jobs. We recommend using this texture/resource pack: http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/hdrealms/ we also have: Mini-Games (coming soon) Creative world (in creation) quests VIP world and shop Multi

Players: 0/20
64 Germany Flag

Boulder Crashes-MC Wirtschaft-System Minecraft. Herzlich Willkommen ( Server Ip ) ( Einstellung 1.9.4 )

Players: 0/200
65 Spain Flag

Axtralcraft es un servidor que contiene diferentes servidores aparte de la HUB o spawn Principal. Tenemos servidor de Skyblock, de Survival, De HungerGames, de Games y De PropHunt! ¡Próximamente Mods! Bienvenido!

Players: 1724/5000
66 United States Flag

Our Server is full of wonderful experiences. We have SMP and CMP, Creative has its own separate Ranks, these are FREE to earn, though to earn them you must gather up Builder-Points by building! Our server also has a few mini games access them with /travel. The server also has custom plugin's made s

Players: 4/500
67 United States Flag

SupremeNetworkMC https://discord.gg/veMNFxm A revival of a popular minecraft server that averaged over 1,000 players per day. SupremeNetwork has the following gamemodes: - OPPrison - Skyblock - OPFactions - Creative We have many active staff and a great community!

Players: 1/60000
68 United States Flag

Welcome to Starscape! We are a brand-new server featuring community Skyblock, creative plots, and factions PvP. What makes us unique: Each of our game modes has a special twist that differentiates it from other servers. Our featured game mode is our community Skyblock world, which is a unique mix o

Players: 0/36
69 Hungary Flag

*MyPet saját kisállat. *PvP ki/be kapcsolás. *Paintball minijáték *Mobaréna minijáték *SurvivalGames minijáték *Több event: Jump, Deathrun, Kvíz, Labirintus stb... *Aukciók *Egyedi barkácsreceptek: http://www.oldcrafters.net/receptek *Craftbook plugin Gate, Lift, Bridge táblák. *Csa

Players: 0/100
70 United States Flag

PeacefulCraft is a Bukkit Minecraft server with hundreds of active users. Peacefulcraft has many different gamemodes to keep you happy and active! These gamemodes consist of PvE, PvP, Peaceful, Creative Plots, and more coming soon. Our friendly and dedicated staff force will always be there to help

Players: 9/50
71 United States Flag

• Server IP: escapecraft.com • No Whitelist • Brand New Survival World • Latest Spigot with dozens of plugins • Friendly Staff & Community

Players: 1/100
72 United States Flag

A small server that features huge 200 by 200 city plots, 1 on 1 battles, 2 separate survival worlds, SkyBlock, normal sized plots. We will never be a pay-to-win server.

Players: 0/70
73 Spain Flag

GamesMadeInPola es un servidor de Minecraft con ya bastante experiencia, es no premium y es uno de los servidores con mas capacidad de minijuegos, ademas de estar caracterizado por no tener casi nada de lagg. IP del servidor: mc.gamesmadeinpola.com Web: httyp://www.gamesmadeinpola.com Facebook: htt

Players: 2382/5000
74 United States Flag

Welcome to CreativeCraft Here are some of our features + NEW! Cross server Worldedit! + 3 Different plot servers to choose from {Small, Medium, Large} Small Server = 200x200 Plotworld Medium Server = 600x600 Plotworld Large Server = 1024x1024 Plotworld. + PLOT PASSWORDS! [GUI Passwords for your plo

Players: 94/1000
75 United States Flag

ImDeity Kingdoms is one of the longest-running servers (3+ years) featuring an exclusive Class / Rank / Skills system, a thriving economy, custom-designed Questing system as well as a town and Kingdom system! Also check out our custom-designed mini-game: DeityWar (team PvP matches) with kits (all f

Players: 16/200