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51 Germany Flag

Oui, hast du den passenden Server gefunden? Ja, hast du! Das erwartet dich bei uns: -Kein GS Limit- -Nette Spieler- -Laggfreier Spielspaß- -Nette Mitspieler und ein Nettes Team- -Ein Server der stabil seit 2 Jahren Online ist- -häufige Backups- -Kein Verlust an gebautem- -Gründe deine eigene Sta

Players: 1/45
52 United States Flag

CyanideMC is a server that runs Prison. Supports 1.8-1.12 Website: Coming Soon Store: shop.cyanidemc.net Discord: https://discord.gg/jzqQPAT

Players: 14/100
53 Germany Flag

TimberLife Deine Chance auf ein neues Leben in einem aufregenden Land! Ziehe in eine Stadt, suche dir einen Job, bau dir ein eigenes Leben auf! Tritt unserer tollen Roleplay-Community bei und du findest einen großartigen Ort vor - DEIN Zuhause. Für weitere Infos oder um einfach mal zu quatschen b

Players: 13/48
54 United States Flag

[COMPATABLE WITH 1.8 - 1.12 clients] Emerald Prison is an OP Prison server which is based on the classic game of prison with some twists. Your goal is normal, to rank up the highest and then prestige, but there are many ways you can accomplish this. You can gamble your money, or play minigames inst

Players: 10/45
55 United States Flag

Welcome to Desolate Lands, an MMORPG where you battle dangerous monsters, learn powerful abilities, explore the expansive world, and fight against other players in an epic battle for domination. Quests We have around 40 quests in total, including 2 Storyline quests and multiple other questlines to

Players: 4/50
56 United Kingdom Flag

We are a brand new server, with staff from builders to admins. We do not need any staff yet, but as we grow we will be looking. If you want a good all round mini games server, then pop in and say Hi. We currently have 6 SkyWars maps, and AskyBlocks. Will be ading more soon.

Players: 0/20
57 United Kingdom Flag

The Walking Dead Guns! Custom Plugins!! Shops Auction PvP and more PVP! Zombie Hordes / infection! Shelters! Stats/ levelup system Tons of Random Chest looting! Come join us for a great time and a full Walking Dead experience! Revisit you favor land marks from The Walking Dead such as The Farm, Pri

Players: 0/100

MineCorp is a server of committed players and staff with a variety of backgrounds: of all ages, genders, and nationalities- but with one agenda, to have a blast, make friendships and do what we do best, create a professional Minecraft community! Since our creation, we have added multiple servers to

Players: 0/150
59 United States Flag

SuperizeeMC is a Faction/PvP server. We have shops, auctions and user kits. Work your way through the ranks. Survive, build, and craft your way to success, or simply donate. Join Superizee.com now!

Players: 0/200
60 Australia Flag

A great medieval role playing minecraft server that you should come and join

Players: 0/60
61 United States Flag

Oxycraft is a Standard Survival Bukkit server, with cool admins and moderators. We have a fun community and the staff members are plain awesome. Come join the fun at Oxycraft!

Players: 0/20
62 United States Flag

Creative city server. Build apartments, shops, cafes, restaurants... or just be a citizen!

Players: 0/48
63 United States Flag

Factions Server Top Prizes #1. $1000 USD Paypal Weekly #2. $300 USD Paypal Weekly #3. $200 USD Paypal Weekly Factions Server Information Koths (Every 3 hours) / Outpost (24/7) Everyone gets faction fly / Custom factions plugin Shockwave 3x3 / 5x5 / 11x11 pickaxes Gen buckets / Horizontal scaffoldin

Players: 31/500
64 United States Flag

Welcome to HellRealm! MWAHAHAHAHA! We have Prison Mines, Events, Drop parties, VoteParty, Etc! Join we are looking for new players, but do NOT be a staff hunter because we hate those players! Play for atleast 5 hrs to apply for staff! Join and have fun! Seek any staff for help, be sure to donate!

Players: 9/100

Hey, welcome to Trexznet. We have parkour, kitpvp, bedwars and factions. If you want more information, check our webpage.

Players: 1/100
66 Peru Flag

hola [email protected] :D si quieren entrar al server acá les dejo la ip hardblock.my-serv.com es para la version 1.8.x y 1.10.x modalidades : Skywars Survival Skyblock Kitpvp Minas entren :D

Players: 1/100
67 United States Flag

Welcome to BattlePVP Forum page: battlepvpforum.enjin.com 1. No Hacking/Cheating 2. No Spamming 3. No Scamming for Ranks 4. No asking for staff 5. No Trading In-Game Items for Real money 6. No DDOS/DDOS threats!Posted ImageWe take pride in having a crime free community!

Players: 0/15

XiferWars is an 'amazing' server with many plug-ins to keep you happy and delighted. We have Mob Arena, which players think is absolutely fun. Factions, one of our main plug-ins, and more to help you out. When you first join you get a kit with full black leather armour and full stone tools. We have

Players: 0/20
69 United States Flag

Factions MCMMO Hardcore-PVP Shops Grief Raid Steal Loot Kill

Players: 0/6
70 United States Flag

Server IP: mc.fearpvp.com Site: www.fearpvp.com FearPvP is a unique Factions PvP server offering an amazing PvP experience. Our server is unlike most faction servers, and offers lots of features that are not found on most servers.

Players: 42/1000
71 Mexico Flag

¡Hola!, bienvenido a DragonWarsGames somos un servidor único compuesto de una comunidad en el proceso de crecer grande y fuerte. Modos de Juego: > SkyWars y KitPvP > Survival Games > Parkour y Survival > BedWars > MobArena > y Mas Únete hoy @: > I

Players: 1/70
72 United States Flag

We're happy to introduce the newest breakthrough in Minecraft, a completely new way to play, have fun, and make friends! Meet our creative re-vamped MaximizedMC, a new way to experience the golden gamemodes from the past! Let's face it, Minecraft is simply not the same as it used to be, we have so

Players: 0/100
73 United States Flag

Skyblock server, soon to expand to more gamemodes. Come join the friendly community! There is always something to do on here, and it is a great spot to gather some friends and build the biggest, baddest island there is!

Players: 0/200
74 United States Flag

Unique Factions! Custom Plugins! - 1.8 - 1.12 - MCMMO - Jobs Currently Active Modes: -Factions

Players: 0/40
75 Germany Flag

Panni-Craft (Works with cracked Minecraft) Live-Map: www.bit.ly/dynmap-panni What is Panni-Craft? Panni-Craft is a Survival-Server with a small but friendly community. Build on you own plot or become a member of a town and create together something big! Some more information: - Skill System (RPG-St

Players: 0/6