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76 Germany Flag

Wir sind ein Kit Pvp Server mit vielen selbstgemachten Kits. * Freundliche Admins/Mods * Selbstgemachte Kits * Geiler Spawn ! * Suppen * Keine Hacker * Viele kostenlose Kits ! * Coole Community * KEINE LAGGS ! * Max. 9999 Slots ! * ......

77 United States Flag

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Welcome to the official Diggin server! Staff needed, Tests will be done for staff! But welcome yourself to this wonderful server. Everybody likes it. I'm also popular at making advertisements on servers. Please join! Please vote!

78 United States Flag

NEW SERVER! BUILD A SPAWN IN GAMEMODE AND WE WILL USE IT! ALL GET GAMEMODE 1!!!! YOU CAN BUILD EVERYTHING! We need staff! If you can be staff, we will think about it.

79 United Kingdom Flag

Gideon is a 24/7 custom 1.6.4 Towny AOTB modpack server that is currently hosted in London (UK). Gideon is currently a whitelisted server, but is accepting applications on the website - www.gideon.enjin.com - to join us!

80 United States Flag

this is the charland 1 server on the crafting dead just the stats that count

81 Canada Flag

We've supercharged our server and gone Tekkit Voltz! Come by and say hello at TrollDroid.com New players welcome. Friendly admins. Build and create with friends at trolldroid.com. OP will not given on request, griefers will be banned. Regular server backups done. Running Tekkit - Voltz 2.0.4, Minec

82 United States Flag

LeadCraft is a custom modpack server specialized in Technology, WorldGen, and Decoration mods. It aims to create a well-integrated, but still fun and balanced gameplay. We believe we have achieved this. Launcher Download: http://leadcraft.us/launchermodpack/ Needed to play on the server. (Legit and

83 United States Flag

RealTekkit Official Server ! The server is 24/7. We have nice staff in amount of 4. The staff itself tries to survive legit, but we take actions when someone else needs help. We hope u can join us and have fun with us!!

84 Costa Rica Flag

Te ofrecemos una comunidad para todos donde podras crear, construir, luchar. Te ofrecemos Skyblock, Creativo y un server de mods variedad de items custom, misiones y mobs registro y logueo automatico para Premiums Premium no veras ocupada tu acc set skin para NoPremiums NoPremium deberas registrart

85 United States Flag

BusinessElite Plus is a pve tech modpack with a little bit of adventure to spice things up. Build a city, populate the city, turn it into a thriving metropolis. Accumulate a vast amount of wealth. When you don't feel like doing that, go explore the hardcore end with new mini bosses and challenges,

86 United States Flag

Mech & Magic is a modded server hosted by Secondary Gaming. The modpack is found on the ATLauncher and you are required to apply for whitelist. Everyone gets in, its just a formality we have to use with ATL. So onto the interesting parts: Any and all info you might need is found on the modp

87 Russia Flag

DIXIGAME the best gaming server..... Low ping best server Location server Moscow No lags good game

88 United States Flag

We are a new survival server who allow PvP in the wilderness, outside of spawn. When you join you may travel outside of spawn and start building, mining and other such tasks. We offer basic stone tools when you start, and not much else. Our admin is willing to protect your home so other players can

89 Netherlands Flag

To play on this server you need the Technic Launcher and our pack to your list. Lunch the game and play. The modpack is called: "Spectra Pack" We run a survival server and have a separate resource world to mine blocks very easily with machines or robots. However that world is free for all, pvp enab

90 United States Flag

We are a small community, but we are close to one another, each a friend of one another. Pixelmon is a modded version of minecraft. You'll need to install it to play! Follow the tutorial here: http://forum.crowgaming.org/index.php?/topic/1773-how-to-install-pixelmon/ PIXELMON is a Minecraft mod tha

91 Russia Flag

HiTech vs Magic server mods: Industrial Craft Experemental, Greg Tech, Forestry, Railcraft, Buildcraft, Applied Energistics, Thaumcraft 4, Twilight Forest, Ender IO, Project Red Base, Project Red Integration, Project Red Lighting, Chisel, Ironchest Universal, Advanced Solar Panels, Compact Windmill

92 Australia Flag

Commander Craft has just recently expanded into a Minecraft Network. We aim to provide an amazing community for you to play Minecraft in different styles with an awesome collection of plugins to make it exciting and interesting. What can you expect from Commander Craft: - Caring staff and owners -

93 Canada Flag

We are a small community, but we are close to one another, each a friend of one another. Pixelmon is a modded version of minecraft. You'll need to install it to play! Follow the tutorial here: http://forum.crowgaming.org/index.php?/topic/1773-how-to-install-pixelmon/ PIXELMON is a Minecraft mod tha

94 Spain Flag

SERVIDOR DE MINECRAFT CON MODS EN ESPAÑOL: - 140 mods - Version 1.710 - No premium & Premium - Instancias MMoRPG - NPC Interactivos - PvE - PvP - Mundos con historia integrada - Misiones MMoRPG - Sistema de protección - White-List por petición de membresía - Pets - Monturas - 24/7 - Sin

95 United States Flag

How to Join: http://ohgaming.org/join-our-minecraft/ View all our modpacks here - http://technicpack.net/profile/267239/modpacks Thank you for choosing OhGaming as your modded minecraft provider. We offer many different modded servers that will give you a different playing experience. At our core w

96 Germany Flag

Ftb-Lite 64x64 Plot Farmworld (Weekly reset) Nice Community 16+ Staff No Laggs Custom Plugins Few banned Items Minigames Teamspeak 3: ts3.ice-network.org

97 Brazil Flag

MineAuto - e um servidor do modpack (A Era do Futuro 2), uma serie que varios youtubers famosos estão gravando! IP= aedf2.minetheftauto.com.br

98 Canada Flag

A new twist to DawnFire Realms... as we launched a whitelisted modded server world named: Austeros. We have almost finished closed Beta and the roleplay-starting-town-buildathons. The themes and styles of our starting towns are rather unique for medieval fantasy MC worlds, see the pictures on our P

99 Canada Flag

Come join our amazing modded survival server. We run the 1.7.10 pack from the Technic Launcher. You can get to the website of the pack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1710-pack.453902.

100 United States Flag

New White-listed server Contact me on skype: Chris Ashton (check my bio for Chrisashr) Say your IGN TIMEZONE AGE And a paragraph of why you should join We will also be implementing a story with gods